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Whether you’re a Chi-Town resident or a visitor to the most famous Midwest metropolis, you’d probably agree that with the amount of attractions present and walking required, Chicago isn’t the most forgiving city when it comes to the feet—and after a long day of sightseeing or running daily errands, your toes could likely use some TLC and the perfect way to do so is with a gel pedicure. By using Booksy, you can find salons nearby that provide gel pedicure services and schedule an appointment to your desired pick! Completely online, our appointment scheduling platform is the twenty-first century’s best alternative to traditional booking. Visit the Android or iOS app store to download the Booksy mobile application or head over to to get started. What is a gel pedicure and how does it work? A gel pedicure is a nailcare procedure that involves the steps of a traditional pedicure with the inclusion of a gel-based nail varnish, instead of a traditional one. Because of their composition, gel nail polishes typically last much longer than standard ones, without chipping or cracking, and lasting up to a few weeks at a time. The process of a gel pedicure session will first begin with the removal of any existing nail polish present on the toenails. Your pedicure will then continue with all the conventional steps that a pedicure entails including soaking the feet, caring for the cuticle areas, exfoliating the feet, getting rid of calluses, clipping and filing the nails, massaging the feet, as well as moisturizing them. Here’s where it strays away from the classic pedicure steps—when it’s time to paint the nails, the process will look a little bit different. Instead of swiping on a few coats of regular nail varnish and letting your nails air dry, your technician will begin by applying a gel base coat to your toenails. This base coat is then cured under an LED or ultraviolet light for about thirty to sixty seconds. Next, your nails are painted with the gel color of your choice and are subsequently cured under the lamp. This hardening process is repeated with two to three layers of the gel nail color and is finally repeated one last time with a top coat to seal in the effect. Although gel pedicures do take a bit longer than a traditional pedicure because of all the curing required, they’re favored by the masses because of their durability. You won’t have to worry about your gel nail polish coming off easily—this specific nail varnish type requires the use of acetone to successfully remove it. How do I choose the best service for a gel pedicure in Chicago? Are you looking for the best gel pedicure treatment in Chicago, Illinois? Look no further because Booksy has you covered! On our easy-to-use platform, you can read and compare reviews from all your favorite Booksy businesses by checking out the reviews section of their respective business pages. You can also start a search by using the search engine bar and filling out the three required fields. When your results have been listed below, choose the “Sort by” button and select one of the presented options to view the leading picks. How much does a gel pedicure cost? There is no specific price for a gel pedicure service that will carry over from salon to salon, but typically you can expect to pay a bit more than a standard pedicure, usually falling between the range of $60 to $80 dollars. At Booksy, all of our merchants are able to create their own individual price lists, so you can easily view the prices for different services straight off the Booksy app or your web browser. Gel pedicure near me Your options of salons that offer gel pedicure services are only a click away! To see what’s in store for you in Chicago, start by downloading the Booksy app or visiting on the web. Once you’re there you can use our handy search engine to start locating salons near you—just specify the service you’re looking to schedule an appointment for (gel pedicure), where you currently are (Chicago), and your desired appointment timeframe. After you’ve completed the criteria and your results have shown up below, just click the “Filters and Localization” feature to narrow down your options by zip code.   Articles How To Dry Nails Fast? Black Nail Designs Tips To Make Your Nails Grow Faster Aftercare Manicure Tips Red Nail Designs Blue Nail Styles What Causes Yellow Nails Nails For Spring