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None of us feel truly comfortable with neglected toenails. No matter the season, even in the middle of winter there may be occasions where you show your feet, so having presentable toenails is rather advisable. So whether it’s spring, summer, or winter, you’ll want to know a place where you can get the best pedicure in Manchester. And this is where Booksy comes in! Booksy is a world renowned platform that allows its users to book appointments for various beauty services online! No more calling, texting, anything that may be tedious. Booksy’s goal is to make life easier, so if you can book your appointment wherever you are, whatever time it is, and it takes just a few seconds, we believe we’re doing this right.  So here’s how you can get started with using Booksy– What you’ll need first is a device with Internet access. And here is the cool part, Booksy is available via the Booksy website and has an app version. The Booksy app can be downloaded free of charge both on iOS and Android mobile devices. Ok, so let’s say you are looking at Booksy now. You’ll want to locate the search bar at the top of your screen, there are two fields you’ll need to fill in. The first field is the service you’re looking for and the second is your current location. After those fields are filled out, our search engine will do its magic! What you’ll see next will be a list of beauty salons offering pedicures in Manchester. Ok, now how can I find a place with the best pedicure in Manchester? We really have to express our love for our amazing users! It’s thanks to them that Booksy can offer you these features. See, after a finished appointment, each user can leave the salon they were in a rating and write a review about the experience. This allows new potential customers to read those feedbacks and make an informed decision. To make things even easier, we encourage you to try out the “Sort by” option. So let’s go back to the results list! When the list of salons offering your desired services pops up you’ll have the opportunity to sort those salons in two ways, either by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed.” This makes finding the best salon for you even simpler! Great! But how can I find specifically a pedicure near me? Don’t worry, Booksy can help you out with this one as well! As mentioned above, the booking process involves you typing in your desired service and your location. That allows our search engine to locate salons in your area. What you may want to do next is check out the “Map View” feature. You shouldn’t have trouble finding the “Map View” button, it will show up on the results page. Once you find it go ahead and click on it (or tap of course). By doing so, you’ll open a map of Manchester. On the map you’ll have all those listed beauty salons pinpointed, so you’ll be able to see their exact location. That will allow you to see where there may be a beauty salon with the best location for you. How can I find cheap pedicure treatments? For Booksy, it’s important that any and all important information is transparent. The same when it comes to prices. So, each beauty salon has to put a price tag on the service they are offering. Based on that you’ll know how much a pedicure will cost, from salon to salon. Additionally, you’ll want to come to Booksy more often, as our service providers may offer pedicure specials. So keep your eyes open for those promotions! Finally, how can I find nail salons open now? First things first, let’s go back to the booking process for a moment again. Remember when you had to fill in your desired service and location? Great, after you do so, you’ll have the option to add specific dates that work best for you. That allows our search engine to show you only salons that will have a time slot for you on that day/days. Also, once you’ve found your perfect spot to get that pedicure treatment and you hit the Book button, you’ll see the salon’s schedule appear. This will allow you to choose a time slot on a day that is most convenient for you. Everything is clear and accessible!