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Acrylic nails in Manchester

For some of us, having our nails done means more than simple cutting and shaping. We view nails as more, as a fashion accessory to our outfits, as a way we can share with the world our individuality and style. One of the best ways to achieve Instagram-worthy nails is to get acrylics, they truly allow you to get the most personalized designs out there. So if you’re looking for an acrylic nail salon in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting an appointment with a manicurist may prove to be especially tricky. For the beautician, taking calls while you’re doing your clients nails may be difficult. This is where Booksy comes in, as it allows you to book an appointment online, without the hassle of calling. If Booksy is something new to you, let us explain a little bit how it works.

Booksy–how can I use it?

One of the great things about Booksy is that it’s available not only as a website, but also as an app. So it doesn’t matter if you're on your computer or a mobile device, you can always access your Booksy account. Additionally, the Booksy app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, so it doesn’t matter what smartphone you have. Ok, so let’s say you have Booksy in front of you right now. To get started, you’ll want to locate the search bar at the top of your screen. That search bar will have two fields you’ll need to fill out–in the first one you’ll want to type in what service you’re interested in and in the second, your location. Pro tip, if you’re in a new city, using Booksy for an emergency beauty appointment can truly be your saving grace! Ok, but back to the search bar! Once you’ve typed in the necessary information, poof! The magic will happen as our search engine will compile for you a list of beauty salons where you can get acrylic nails in Manchester!

How can I find a place where I can get the best acrylic nails near me?

There are two features that can really come in handy here. The first one is the “Sort by” feature. You’re probably familiar with a similar version. On Booksy, you have the option to sort your results once you see the list of salons you searched for. You can sort those salons either by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” Isn’t that cool? Just a quick explanation how this is possible. See, we have great users whom we love! These users have the possibility to leave a rating and write a review after each finished appointment at a salon. This allows potential new customers, like yourself, to decide if this particular salon is the best one for you. No more going to random salons, now you can make a thought through decision!

Now onto the second feature! When you browse through the list of acrylic nail salons in Manchester you’ll see their address, sure. But honestly sometimes a name of the street doesn’t tell you how far from you that salon is really located. To help you with this, we strongly encourage you to use our “Map View” feature. As always with Booksy, it’s really simple! You’ll want to have the list of results in front of you first. Next you should locate the “Map View” button. Click on it, or tap of course, that will make a map of Manchester pop up. On this map you’ll be able to see, pinpointed directly, where each salon is located and how far away from you it is. Based on that you can choose which salon is located near you, near your office, or anywhere that is most convenient for you!

How can I find an open acrylic nail salon in Manchester?

When you’ve typed in your desired service and location, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose what date/dates suit you. By doing so, our search engine will provide a list of salons with available time slots for those dates, so no surprises there. Additionally, let’s say you’ve got the spot for your acrylic nails service chosen. When you click on the “Book” button, the salon’s schedule will pop up. You’ll have time slots (divided by morning, afternoon and evening) to choose from. 

Also, you can always simply look up when a salon opens and closes by going to the “Contact & Business Hours” section of their profile. Easy