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  • The Nail Kitchen

    3.0 mi Wilmslow Road, 723, M20 6WF, Manchester


    This process is a blend of two coloured powder to create a blend in the middle (ombre effect).


    Trainee Biab offer with our NEUTRAL colours on your natural nails. Infills will be offered between 2-3 weeks after free of charge. If you do not return with the 2-3 weeks, the free infills will no longer be valid. Infills will be booked after your treatment has finished at the salon. This offer is only Valid MONDAYS and TUESDAYS.


    Take your old extensions off and renew them to maintain a fresh look to your nails. You need to select a following treatment with this option.
  • GirlHub

    10.3 mi Tottington Road, 150, BL8 1RU, Bury

    BIAB Gel Nail Extensions

    1h 30min



    Wash, Cut & Blowdry

    Short Hair
    + 1 more options
  • At Your FingerTips

    11.4 mi 108 Dale street, OL16 4HX, Rochdale

    Acrygel Nail extensions

    1h 30min

    Sculptured Acrylic nails (inc. glitters)

    short & medium length sculptured acrylics (upto size 3 on the sculpting form)
    1h 30min

    Sculptured acrylic nails with French manicure

    Any colour french tip applied with gel polish
    1h 45min

Nail Extension in Manchester

Nail extension is a never-ending trend for women. It is an art that turns your nails into a masterpiece. What is interesting to know, in Ancient China, society considered long nails as a representation of status. With social media, nowadays, it is challenging to miss nail art extensions transformation. A user would usually post a before and after picture. So what do you need to know about nail extension in Manchester? Can you find nail extensions in Manchester? Yes, many nail extension parlors are usually found in beauty salons. There you can meet specialists in nail extension that can transform your nails into a stunning look. Booksy, a website with all the information on nail extension spas in Manchester, will guide you to locating not one but many nail extensions near you. You can then choose the one that interests you the most. With Booksy, you can make an online appointment which is by far the most convenient booking method. How cool is that! Book a Nail Extension Service Online In Manchester Almost everybody can access a laptop or a smartphone. That is the only thing you need to access Booksy’s website. You will just open your browser and type Booksy. Com. Alternatively, you can find Booksy’s mobile application on Google Play Store or in an Apple Store. When you click on the website, you will find an organized page with an easy-to-follow layout. Booksy has placed all the services in an orderly manner and, you can quickly locate nail extensions in Manchester. You can also use the search box and type in the keywords. Booksy will then give you a list of all nail extension services offered in Manchester. You can then choose the one you like and click on it. Not Sure What a Nail Extension Specialist Does A specialist in this field is skilled at attaching artificial nail tips onto your nails to increase their length. A specialist of this kind would use materials such as gel, fiberglass, or acrylic when placing the artificial nail. A nail extension comes in handy to many women. Given that women use their hands to work around the house cleaning and doing other things, they can fail to keep their natural nails long. A nail extension specialist gives you a shortcut to achieve the perfect nails. They will help you mask nail imperfections and get attractive and colorful long nails. How to Choose the Best Nail Extension In Manchester Booksy will provide you with a list of all nail extensions nearby Manchester. So how do you choose the best? Lucky for you, Booksy has dedicated its resources to get as much information as possible on all the nail extension parlors. You will be able to see which parlor offers what. For example, you can find that one parlor only offers gel nail extension while another offers both acrylic and gel nail extension. You can also choose a nail extension shop according to its open hours as well as its location. Some nail extension shops work for 24 hours, and they can be nearer to you. With Booksy, you can be able to compare several nail extension centers and choose the best. How Much Does a Nail Extension Cost? Generally, acrylic nail extensions are cheaper than gel nail extensions. Acrylic nail extension kits can be easily accessed. They are also inexpensive. Gel nail extensions are expensive because their equipment is not easy to find. Therefore, you will need to figure out which type of nail extension you want. Typically, nail extensions vary around €25 upwards. Such nails will be strong and won’t break easily. Acrylic nails can cost €10 to €15 per visit. You need to take extra care if you want them to last long. How to Find a Nail Extension Open Now If you dread to visit a nail extension spa that is open now, Booksy has a long list of all nail extension shops with open hours. You will save a lot of time with Booksy. You can view the open hours of each nail extension parlor and book an appointment. How Can I Find a Cheap Nail Extension In Manchester Booksy has placed all price information on the forefront of each nail extension shop. You will not have to go deep to confirm the prices. You can easily compare the cheapest nail extension services. Click on the less expensive option and book an appointment. How to Find a Nail Extension Near You If you wish to save time, type in your location in Booksy. Booksy will provide all nail extensions places nearby in Manchester. With an installed GPS, you will be able to see how long it will take to get to a nearby nail extension.