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If you've got pain and tension that even deep tissue massages can't touch, it's time to go Thai! That's because Thai massages feature yoga poses, acupuncture, and a number of massage techniques. Your massage specialist will get physical with their arms, elbows, knees, and more. A Thai massage is exactly what you need if you want to loosen up and relax. A professional Thai massage will leave you feeling brand new! To find the best Thai massage specialist near you, Booksy is your secret weapon. In minutes, you can view all the local specialists that offer Thai massage. As you scroll down, you can view their prices, services, and reviews!
Thai Massage near you

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Excellent service by Apple ,always nice and very attentive ,I got my massage done twice in one week both times superb service Thank you 🙏

Aasma R… 22/11/2023

review image by Aasma R…

Ruen Thai Traditional Massage

38 A Meriden St,, B5 6DT Birmingham

I have chronic back shoulder and arm pain. Since attending these ladies I have been finding it easier to mobilise and feeling less pain. I’m so happy to have discovered this gem in bellshill.

Lynn D… 10/11/2023

review image by Lynn D…

Boonma Thai massage

Motherwell Road, ML4 1RE Bellshill

What Is a Thai Massage?

What Is a Thai Massage?

A Thai massage is a unique massage that originates from Thailand. It involves many techniques that include yoga poses, acupuncture, and more. Thai massage specialists also use more than just their hands to massage their customers. They make use of their elbows, knees, legs, and more. The goal is to relieve all the tension built up in your body. A Thai massage is intense yet refreshing and exhilarating. Make sure that you use Booksy to find a Thai massage in your area! What to Expect During a Thai Massage Your massage specialist will make use of relaxing hot oils, sounds, and lotions, as well as acupuncture and yoga poses to get the blood flowing. The goal is to treat your body, mind, and spirit during the massage. A Thai massage can do more than just relieve tension and break up knots. It can also reduce fatigue, headaches and improve flexibility. Your massage therapist will set you up in different yoga poses and use their elbows, knees, and hands to massage you. How to Get the Best Thai Massage? Since a Thai massage is so complex, you can't risk it by getting treated by an amateur. They can even injure you if they don't do certain techniques properly. That's why Booksy is your savior when it comes to finding a talented Thai specialist. When you search through Booksy, you'll see all your local massage studios that offer Thai massages. You can also check out their average review score and individual reviews for an inside scoop! How Long is A Thai Massage? A Thai massage will take quite a while to provide, due to the complicated techniques that your specialist has to perform. They will use acupuncture and yoga poses, which can be time-consuming, and they may need time to relieve your tension and fix any knots. On average, a Thai massage will last around two hours or longer. Make sure that you clear up enough time in your schedule to accommodate the extra length! How Do I Make an Appointment For a Thai Massage? A Thai massage is a complex massage. You can't expect to walk into a massage studio or spa and get one without an appointment. If you don't want to make a phone call or send an email, then you're going to love Booksy! Not only can you find the best massage studio in your area, but you can book a visit within minutes. All you have to do is find an open time slot and hit “confirm”! Making an appointment couldn't be easier, thanks to Booksy! How Much Does a Thai Massage Cost? Due to the length and expertise involved, a Thai massage is very pricey. However, it can be well worth it if you suffer from fatigue, headaches, or chronic muscle pain. Each massage studio can set its prices, which are affected by various factors. Booksy is an incredible tool to use to compare your local prices to find the most affordable one. Also, pay attention to the reviews to make sure the studio has a good reputation. An average cost for a Thai massage is £110 to £150.