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From world famous theme parks to prestigious golf courses and luxurious shopping centers, Orlando, Florida is a hotspot for vacationers from all parts of the world. Nevertheless, no matter why you’ve come to Orlando or whether you’re simply a local, no stay would be complete without a relaxing massage. Your days of trying to hunt down reviews on Orlando massage parlors are thankfully over. Booksy simplifies your appointment scheduling process by incorporating everything you need, all on one user-friendly platform—browse Orlando 24-hour massage services, read client reviews, check pricing, schedule appointments, and more with the number one booking application! What is a massage and what types of massage services are offered? A massage is a wellness treatment method that focuses on the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues for the purpose of relaxation, regeneration, or pain alleviation. Massage therapy is not a one size fits all treatment as there are multiple types of massage therapies available, each unique in their own origins, styles, and methods. If you’re curious about the different approaches to massage and are wondering which may be right for you, read on! Our quick massage style guide will help get acquainted with some of the most popular massage methods and aid in your decision-making process. SWEDISH MASSAGE The most standard massage style and the one that comes to mind most frequently when we think of the word “massage” is the Swedish massage. This method’s focal point is the gentle kneading of the body to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. A Swedish massage could be a great option for massage newcomers or those who want to soothe light to moderate tension within the body. SHIATSU MASSAGE With its origins tied strongly to Chinese medicine, this Japanese massage style is also sometimes referred to as “finger pressure massage”. The fundamental concept of a Shiatsu massage is balancing energy blockages throughout the body by applying pressure to specific areas with the fingers, thumbs, and palms. THAI MASSAGE Also frequently called a “Thai yoga massage”, the Thai massage is a method of massage therapy that encompasses techniques of assisted yoga, acupressure, and Indian Ayurvedic philosophies. This massage style is quite different than what many associate a typical massage to be, as the client is fully clothed and actively participates in bodywork. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE A deep tissue massage could be an ideal option for relieving chronic pain or tension within the body. Deep tissue massages involve the application of pressure to reach deeper layers of connective tissue than a standard massage. This massage style is more intense than a Swedish massage and is favored by athletes and people who generally consider themselves to be active.   HOT STONE MASSAGE To ease extra tension and improve overall circulation, a hot stone massage could be the right choice. Hot stone massages not only involve the use of the massage therapist’s hands to knead the body, but they also entail placing heated stones on certain points. The heated basalt stones can help relax tight muscles as well as improve blood flow. How do I choose the best 24-hour massage in Orlando? Check out reviews from Booksy clients like you to discover the best 24h massage in Orlando. First, download the Booksy app on your smartphone or tablet or launch our website from your browser. Done? Great! Now you can input your criteria into our search engine at the top of the page. Just fill in the service you’re wanting to book, your current location, and your preferred appointment time slot. From there, you can sort your results by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy'' to find the most desirable massage parlors and spas near you! How much does a massage cost? The definitive price of a massage will be primarily based on the type of massage therapy you’d like to try out and the length of the massage. On Booksy, it’s easy to find specific pricing for the service you’re most interested in—just browse through and all prices are shown to the right of each respective service. Articles What is a shiatsu massage Health benefits of back massage 4 relaxing massages The benefits of acupressure