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Dominican blowout in Orlando

Orlando, Florida ranks among the few cities with the largest populations of Dominicans and Dominican-Americans across the United States—so it doesn’t come as any surprise that the Dominican blowout has become such popular beauty treatment here. If you’re searching for that perfect Dominican blowout salon, Booksy will make your search so much easier! Try out the app on your smartphone or tablet or access Booksy through your browser to begin flipping through and booking appointments for Dominican blowouts as well as any of your other favorite health, beauty, and wellness services in your local area. What is a Dominican blowout and how does it work? Originating from the Dominican Republic, the Dominican blowout is a popular multi-step hair straightening procedure that results in silky, smooth hair without the use of harsh chemicals that are often utilized in many other hair straightening techniques. This method is favored by those who have thick, textured hair and is not only praised for its glossy and sleek results, but also for not damaging the state of the hair’s natural curls. A Dominican blowout will start out like many other hair care procedures, first with a wash and then with a deep conditioning treatment that will nourish the hair, prepping it for the next steps. The hair is then detangled and set in rollers, with which you’ll sit under a hooded dryer to gently dry the hair without adding extreme heat to it. Afterwards, the rollers are removed and the hair is further dried and styled using a high temperature hair dryer and a round brush for a frizz-free sheen. Typically, a hair straightener is not used during a Dominican blowout procedure but can be added as an extra step at the end if the hair is exceptionally resistant to straightening. Generally, Dominican blowouts will last anywhere from one to four weeks, or until the next time the hair is washed. Because the hair will return to its original form when exposed to water, stylists recommend avoiding water and sweat whenever possible. How do I choose the best Dominican blowout salon in Orlando? In Orlando, you’ll have many options of beauty businesses and spas to choose from on Booksy when it comes to finding the best Dominican blowout salon. To find the best of the best, start by launching the Booksy mobile application or head over to on your laptop or desktop computer. You can then begin filling in our three simple search fields in our search bar located at the top of the page—just hit enter to generate your personalized results. Check out your list of options available to you or further explore the top-rated businesses by pressing our “Sort by” button. How much does a Dominican blowout cost? The exact pricing of a Dominican blowout is entirely dependent on where you choose to go to get your treatment as well as the length and thickness of your hair. Longer and thicker tresses will take more time to blow out, thus resulting in a higher cost. The average cost of a Dominican blowout in the United States falls somewhere between twenty-five and fifty dollars, but you can find definitive pricing reflected next to each service on Booksy. How do I find salons that offer Dominican blowouts open now? Tired of searching through hundreds of salons, only to see that none are open when you actually have the time? No worries—with Booksy, you can bypass this issue and view only those salons that are open now. If you’re already on the Booksy app or on our webpage, start by completing the necessary client search information in the search bar. You’ll want to enter the service you’re looking to book, where you’re currently located, and also the time and date you’d like to set your appointment for. If you select a time and date that is closest to the current local date and time, you’ll be able to instantly see only those salons that are open now. Otherwise, you can check different time slots or view each business’s opening hours which are found directly on each merchant’s Booksy business page.