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In a city with unceasing sunshine and warm temperatures throughout the calendar year, you can ditch the endless layers of cold weather apparel when in Orlando, Florida. Winter accessories are not needed here, so in lieu of wearing gloves, you might consider adorning your hands in a different way, with nail art.

Is there anywhere I can go for nail art near me? There sure is—Booksy is the ultimate health and beauty scheduling platform where you can browse numerous wellness services and book with just a couple clicks. Whether you’re logged onto our app or are viewing our web version, you can search your service (nail art), set your current location, and put in your desired timeframe to view options available near you!

What is nail art?

So, what exactly is nail art and how does it differ from a standard manicure? Nail art is a practice that refers to decorating the nails with creative designs or artwork. A typical manicure will include all the commonplace manicure steps plus (usually) a coat of polish, whereas nail art is much more dynamic than just a simple nail varnish.

Today’s nail art is at the peak of modern-day nail trends and the possibilities for what you can do with your nails are nearly endless. If you’re not sure where to start or what type of nail art interests you, check out our list of popular nail art highlights below to get an idea of what you might like.


Far from a one-color swipe of nail polish, hand painted nail art encompasses decorative designs that are drawn on the nails by hand. These sorts of freehand designs can be either simple or intricate, with some client favorites being floral designs, geometric patterns, and even detailed lettering or logos.


For nails that will really stand out and make a statement, consider going for a look that features 3D nail art. This type of nail art application technique includes the use of three-dimensional embellishments that are applied to the fingernails. Some of the most well-known ornamentations used for 3D nails include but aren’t limited to rhinestones, beads, charms, resin decorations, pearls, stickers, and sequins.


Stamping is a method that can produce a similar outcome to hand painted nail art, in much less time. Using a stamper, the chosen design is transferred from the stamping plate to the stamper, then directly onto the nail. Although the designs will not be as detailed as with hand painted nail art and the capabilities of stamping are somewhat limited in comparison, stamping is regardless a great way to spruce up your nails in a flash.


If you love a watercolor, tie-dye, or marbled look, you might be partial to nails that are decorated with a marble technique. To achieve this effect, nail varnish is dropped into a basin of water, creating a swirling pattern, then it is transferred onto the nails, giving off a distinctive marble-like look.

How do I choose the best nail art in Orlando?

Finding the best nail art studio in Orlando is easier than you think! Head over to the app store to download our app or use your computer to view Booksy on your desktop. Once you’re there and have begun browsing nail art salons in your area, you can sort your search results by “Top Reviewed” and “Recommended by Booksy” to see the most notable choices.

How much does nail art cost?

Each nail art technique’s cost will be unique to the salon, type of materials used, and time it takes to accomplish the look. Luckily, on Booksy, all prices are easy to spot and are listed clearly by each procedure—so you don’t have to waste time searching for prices and can instead use that time for more enjoyable things, like deciding what style of nail art is right for you!

Nail art near me

Explore the vast number of nail salons that provide nail art services in Orlando with one simple platform! Booksy’s straightforward and accessible scheduling system allows you to browse nail art services near you, check pricing, filter results, and arrange an appointment all in just a few moments.