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Getting your nails done in Chicago is more than just primping your fingers and toes with bright colors and clean cuticles. Nail salons now provide you with a slew of long-lasting service options that will have you staring down at your freshly polished fingers and toes all day long! What Services Will You Find At Chicago Nail Salons? At almost any nail salon, you can count on finding the basics: manicure and pedicure. In the last few years, the trends and styles of manicures and pedicures have evolved greatly. Here are just a few of the new ways we can get our nails done and the common prices they usually fall under: Gel (also called Shellac): $35+ Acrylics: $45+ Dip System (also called SNS): $30+ What’s The Difference Between These Services? Gel or Shellac Gel polish is painted on just as regular polish is. The difference is that the polish is hardened onto your nail with a UV light. This style of polish is supposed to stay on, without any chips for at least two weeks. For removal, you should go back to your nail salon and have them soak it off the proper way. Doing so yourself could cause damage to your nail bed. Acrylics Acrylic nails involve a mixture that’s created by the nail technician and painted over your nail, creating a sort of “top” nail. Your actual nail is filed down to create a rough surface that the acrylic nail can stick to. Often times the thick mixture will extend past the length of your natural nail, creating a small tip. The mixture hardens and dries when it’s exposed to the air. As these nails begin to show growth at your cuticle, many nail places in Chicago offer an Acrylic Fill-In, which allows you to get your nails looking brand new without taking off all of your polish. A fill-in runs you about $25. Dip System or SNS The Signature Nail System (SNS) is the newest of the longer-lasting nail techniques. It is praised for its quickness and healthier process. The dip system does not use UV lights to harden the polish; instead, your nail is simply ‘dipped’ into a powder repeatedly until the desired thickness and shape is achieved. This should last you at the very least two weeks on non-chipped nails. Where Can I Find The Best Chicago Nail Salons? With the rising popularity of nail salon services in Chicago, you can find them scattered amongst Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods. But how can you find the best? Look no further than directly above this listing on Booksy.com. Booksy shows you all locations, services, prices, and reviews. Never get a bad manicure again when you book on Booksy. Articles How To Dry Nails Fast? Black Nail Designs Tips To Make Your Nails Grow Faster Aftercare Manicure Tips Red Nail Designs Blue Nail Styles What Causes Yellow Nails Nails For Spring