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You don’t need the most glamorous outfit or the latest accessories to consider yourself fashion-forward—sometimes all it takes is livening up your fingernails, because after all, a fresh set of nails is always in style and speaks for itself. The best part is, you can easily step up your nail game with a few clicks, by choosing to schedule with Booksy! See for yourself why Booksy is the leading booking application currently on the market. Our user-friendly app serves as an online base for scheduling health, beauty, and wellness related services, filled with features that simplify your booking process. Free to download and use, you can access the application by locating it on your mobile phone app store or simply use the Booksy web version directly from your laptop or desktop browser to search for nails in Orlando. What types of nail services are offered at the salon? Most nail salons provide an extensive menu of services at their establishments—and deciding which specific service you want to go for can be tricky when there are so many options present. However, don’t let your nearly endless number of choices overwhelm you! Instead, check out our quick guide of nail service highlights below to get acquainted with a couple of the most popular types of nail services that you can book. STANDARD MANICURE Likely the most well-known nail treatment around, a standard or basic manicure is the most classic nail service that can be found on any nail salon’s menu. Standard manicures include the complete regimen of manicure steps including removing any existing nail polish, clipping and filing the nails, pushing back the cuticles, moisturizing the hands, and painting the nails with the varnish of your choice, which is optional. FRENCH MANICURE For a simple and clean look, you may want to consider getting a French manicure. French manicures also follow the classic manicure steps, however, during the painting stage the nails are painted with a beige or pale pink base and white tips. This style of nails is made to mimic the look of natural nails, leaving you with an immaculate minimalist effect. GEL MANICURE A gel manicure is quite different from a standard manicure in terms of the painting process. Instead of using regular nail polish and letting the nails air dry, gel manicures implement the use of a UV or LED lamp to cure the gel nail polish. Because of their formula, gel nail polishes must be hardened under this type of special lighting, which makes them last much longer than a classic manicure. Gel nails can also be done in the form of extensions, which add length to your existing nails. ACRYLIC MANICURE If you want longer, more bold nails, you’ll likely want to consider an acrylic manicure. Acrylic nails are essentially nail extensions that are formed using a polymer powder and monomer liquid solution. These nails can be made to the length and shape of your liking and are then painted with your desired color or design in mind. How do I choose the best service for nails in Orlando? Experience the most efficient booking process for nails in Orlando via Booksy! Here, you’ll be able to locate the best services by performing a search using the Booksy search engine bar. Start out by completing the required personal information including what service you want to book, your current location, and your desired appointment time and date. When your results have shown below, feel free to browse any businesses that catch your eye and read their reviews or use our “Sort by” button to display more specialized results. How much does an appointment to a nail salon cost? Because the cost of your nail appointment will depend on a number of different factors including the location of the salon, what exact service you’re booking, and any supplementary add-ons, prices for a visit to the nail salon will greatly vary. As a general rule of thumb, basic manicures typically start out around the twenty-dollar range and go upwards in price from there. Whereas other, more involved services such as acrylic manicures can start out around the fifty-dollar mark. As always, you can check the prices of your desired services on Booksy, where merchants are able to set their own unique prices.