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Lemme guess, your nail chipped for the second time after getting your new set and quite frankly you’re fed up and ready to find a new nail bestie. But based on experience, it’s taken you forever to find one you can fully trust (and who hasn’t broken that trust after the second appointment!), so you’re lowkey stressing because you need to go through that whole trial and error ordeal again. Hold on. Your BFF once planted a seed about Booksy and how quick and simple it is to find a nail technician in your area. Said BFF also told you about Booksy’s efficient booking system. Well, your BFF just became our new BFF.

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What are gel nails?

Gel nails are a form of nail treatment that used gel-based polish and a UV or LED light the set and lock in the polish on your nail. It’s more durable than normal polish and is meant to last for up to three weeks, depending on how careful you are with them. Gel nails use a three- step method – base coat, nail polish and top-coat. After each coat, your nails are placed under the light for a few seconds to set. Gel tips are fun and versatile, so you can choose to either have a basic colour done or get creative with nail art.

How do you prepare for gel nails?

Preparing your nails before your appointment can make or break the quality of the treatment. Make sure you arrive with clean and sanitized hands or feet. A simple handwash is good but try to avoid any oil-based products as your nails absorb this quickly. Cuticle care is important, we all know this but don’t always pay attention to this. So, if your cuticles are looking a bit crusty, your nail technician will clip them and buff the nail bed to remove any dead skin. Before the technician begins, your nails will be primed with a lint-free wipe to remove excess dirt and oils. 

How to get the best gel nails?

As important as prepping for your treatment is, maintaining your gel mani or pedi is just as crucial. If the foundation has been laid properly, your nail technician should have no issue ensuring that the treatment is of the best standard. There are certain things you can do to make your set last longer, like avoid lifting heavy objects, try wearing gloves when doing household chores, use cuticle oil every night and don’t file your nails unnecessarily. 

Is UV or LED better for gel nails?

First, we need to understand the difference between the two, and that is the type of radiation that the bulb emits. Gel nail polish requires direct UV wavelengths for the polish to set and lock in onto your nails. UV lights emit a broader spectrum, while LED gives off a narrower and more targeted wavelength. LED generally cost more, but their bulbs last longer. And while LED can set the gel polish faster, not all polishes work under an LED light. So, while neither is better than the other, nail technicians do have their preferences. 

How do I make an appointment for gel nails?

Finding an open slot for a nail appointment is as difficult as finding a McDonalds who has an ice cream machine that’s working. Nail bars are ALWAYS full. However, using Booksy you can find one in or around your area quick and easy. You don’t need to call around, hoping there’s a cancellation that you can take over. On our platform you can do everything from checking the nail bar’s schedule, choosing your time slot, and even selecting your preferred nail technician.

How much do gel nails cost?

Prices for gel nails vary depending on the location, level of expertise and how intricate your treatment is. For example, if you’re just getting a basic colour done, it will cost anything from R250. But if you want nail art too, therapists usually charge R10 extra per nail. Most nail bars offer combo packages where you can get a mani and pedi and a discounted rate. 

You can use Booksy to compare prices between nail bars and check out their monthly specials.