Medical pedicure

Medical Pedicures near you

Any avid runner or sport fanatic knows that being active is all fun and games, until you’ve got to deal with athlete’s foot or bacterial infections because you’ve neglected your poor feet for too long. A quick foot spa massage may ease the pain or muscle tension temporarily, but listen… We know you’re all about effectiveness and convenience. Especially when you’re active most days, you don’t have time to be doing regular foot massages. Medical pedicures are perfect for you then. These treatments are more specific to your foot problems. Using Booksy, you can find the perfect podiatrist that won’t break the bank (or your feet).

What is medical pedicure?

A medi-pedi is just a fancy term for a foot treatment done by a trained podiatrist, unlike normal foot massages that sorts out the surface issues like pain and muscle soreness, this therapy focusses on examining your feet, nails, and skin to find the root of the problem and then treating it. These treatments are specifically good if you have ingrown toenails, warts, or bacterial and fungal infections. 

What to expect during medical pedicure?

The podiatrist will start by examining your feet and discuss a way to manage the problem areas over time. They’ll then clean and cut your toenails before smoothing out callouses. If there are any other fungal infections, the podiatrist will use a sterile blade to remove it. Once your feet have been treated, the podiatrist will thoroughly moisturize them and chat about how often you need to book sessions. 

How to get the best medical pedicure?

Consistency is key. Not only does it help cure the problem quicker, but it also helps with maintenance between your appointments. While podiatrists usually recommend monthly treatments, they may suggest bi-weekly sessions for sever cases. To get the best out of a medi-pedi, you need take care of your feet by avoiding closed shoes that could irritate the problem area, have your toenails professionally cut if you battle with ingrown toenails, and give your feet a little TLC with at-home spa treatments in between. Scheduling your appointment as early in the day as you can is also helpful. 

What should you not do before medical pedicure?

Prepping your feet for your medi-pedi comes with a few simple, but often neglected tricks. For example, avoid painting with polish over discoloured toenails. Practice good hygiene by not sharing emery boards or using a foot razor to remove dead skin. Try not to shave your legs before your appointment, as bacteria can get into any nicks or cuts and can harm your treatment and recovery. 
When moisturizing your feet, make sure you leave nothing in between your toes as this can lead to fungal infections. 

How do I make an appointment for a medical pedicure?

When using Booksy, you save yourself the time and unnecessary admin of calling around to compare prices and eventually find a booking. On our platform, you can browse through the spa’s schedule and check how long their treatments will take. You can then choose your preferred date and time and even choose a specific podiatrist based on the reviews on their profile. Securing your spot has never been that quick and easy before!

How much does medical pedicure cost?

Medical pedicures typically cost around R200 but honey it all depends on the state of your feet. If there’s a lot of damage control the podiatrist will need to do, they’re likely going to charge you slightly more. Some spas offer packages for a certain number of sessions. So, if you’re tryna save some cash, this may be an option for you.

With Booksy, you can browse through different prices and packages to find one that best suits your pocket.