Roshni Nails Bar

Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar
Roshni Nails Bar

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Manicures and Pedicures

Classic Mani

30m $15.00 Book now

Classic Pedi

40m $30.00 Book now

No-Chip Manicure

40m $35.00 Book now

No-Chip Pedicure

1h 15m $48.00 Book now

No-Chip Mani & Regular Ped

1h 45m $58.00 Book now

No-Chip Mani & No-Chip Pedi

1h 45m $75.00 Book now

Regular Mani & Regular Pedi

1h 30m $40.00 Book now

Signature Mani

40m $21.00 Book now

Signature Pedi

1h $41.00 Book now

Signature Mani & Signature Pedi

1h 45m $50.00 Book now

Signature No-Chip Mani

45m $40.00 Book now

Signature No-Chip Pedi

1h $60.00 Book now

Signature No-Chip Mani & No-Chip Pedi

1h 45m $80.00 Book now

No-Chip Pedi & Classic Mani

1h 45m $63.00 Book now

Remove No-Chip

15m $5.00 Book now

Polish Change Hands

30m $8.00 Book now

Polish Change Toes

30m $12.00 Book now

Children's Manicure

30m $13.00 Book now

Children's Pedicure

45m $17.00 Book now

Children's mani/pedi

1h $27.00 Book now



30m $9.00 Book now

Eyebrow Tinting

30m $7.00 Book now


30m $5.00 Book now


30m $7.00 Book now

Half Legs

45m $30.00 Book now

Full Legs

1h $60.00 Book now

Arm Half

30m $15.00 Book now

Arm Full

45m $30.00 Book now


30m $13.00 Book now


45m $25.00 Book now


45m $30.00 Book now

Full Body Wax

2h $190.00 Book now

Full Face Thread or Wax w/ Neck

1h $45.00 Book now


45m $30.00 Book now

Back Wax w/ Shoulder

45m $45.00 Book now

Back Wax (For Man)

45m $40.00 Book now


10min Face Massage

10m $10.00 Book now

Mini Facial

45m $36.00 Book now

Herbal Facial

45m $54.00 Book now

Deluxe Facial

45m $75.00 Book now

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Reviews (7)

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  1. Marla avatar

    Marla M.

    Fabulous experience every time I go. I get a flawless no chip and great service every time!

  2. Lindsay avatar

    Lindsay I.

    Great service! They listened to what I wanted and did a perfect job! Will absolutely be a repeat customer!

  3. Robin avatar

    Robin R.

    I found Roshni Nail Bar completely by accident a few months ago. I drive past there all of the time but never noticed them in the little strip mall. I am glad I found Roshni because they are nice, experienced, priced reasonably, and they do a great job. The salon is clean, organized and attractive. It’s also not crazy-loud, and I appreciate that very much. Try Roshni for your no-chip mani and your regular pedi - they’re the cure for your ailing hands and feet!

  4. Babette avatar

    Babette N.

    Great threading service and waxing if you prefer. I got the face version, which I've never done before. She made it much easier than it would have been, plus I got some calming lotion for my sensitive skin, and a lovely little facial massage. Great service!

  5. Jae avatar

    Jae S.

    This was potentially the best nail salon experience I’ve ever had. Roshni is very clean, adorably decorated, and my nails turned out great. I got the signature mani/pedi which includes a green tea exfoliant for both hands and feet, followed by moisturizer, and wax for your feet. I even got white terry cloth booties over the plastic bags to keep my feet warm! The best part was the hospitality. The two women who provided my services were kind and hard working. We chatted a bit, but if you prefer to be on your phone or zone out, the atmosphere is great for that too. I’ll definitely be back.

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