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If you’re loving the look of your current hairstyle and aren’t necessarily ready to drastically change it up, you may want to consider getting a trim to keep your locks looking fresh and healthy. Consider them the secret key to having flawless hair year-round, trims may seem minimal, but the effects can truly make all the difference—are you ready to take the plunge yet? If you are, Booksy will be your personal guide to locating and scheduling an appointment to a trim service in your city of Chicago, IL! See for yourself why our platform is the top mobile booking application currently on the market by downloading the Booksy application for iOS or Android devices or simply access Booksy on the web via What is a trim and how does it work? A trim is essentially a mini haircut that focuses on solely cleaning up the tips of the hair to remove any split or frayed ends. Because the term “trim” is relative, there isn’t a specific number of inches associated with getting your hair trimmed. However, most haircare professionals consider a trim to fall under the category of two inches of hair or less. Trims are typically ideal for those who would like to maintain their current hairstyle without making any extreme changes to it and although taking off two inches or less can seem like a pointless endeavor—it’s actually far from it! There are quite a few different benefits of getting a trim that can greatly affect the state of your hair in the long run. First off, one of the most important benefits of a trim is eliminating any existing split ends, which can continue to split up the shaft of the hair if not trimmed every so often and properly taken care of. Although it may seem counterintuitive, trims are also great for hair growth. Dead ends can often keep the hair from growing, so with regular trims, the hair is more likely to grow longer. Trimming the hair can likewise prevent frizz, which can actually be a result of split and frayed ends and make your hair appear dull. Additionally, by trimming the ends of your hair, your tresses will become more manageable and easier to detangle. How do I choose the best trim service in Chicago? Finding and choosing the bes t trim service in Chicago, IL  will be a piece of cake so long as you’re scheduling with Booksy! Our platform provides you with not only business listings in your area, but also client reviews associated with each one so that you can browse through and make the best decision for yourself. You can also perform a search using the Booksy search engine, then select the “Sort by” feature, which is a tool that will let you arrange your results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How much does a trim service cost? There isn’t one set price across the board when it comes to getting a trim—exact pricing can depend on a number of aspects including the specific salon you’re booking an appointment to, the experience of your hair stylist, as well as any supplementary add-ons for your trim service. Certain salons and stylists will price their trims the same as a standard haircut, whereas others will price this type of service significantly cheaper. At Booksy, we always recommend checking out services on our platform, since our merchants can set their own individual prices which you’ll find listed there. How do I find salons and barbershops that offer trim services open now? Check out your options of currently open salons and barbershops offering trim services, right in the palm of your hand. All you’ll need to do is open the Booksy app or visit Booksy on the web to begin your initial search. Simply fill out the required fields including what service you want to book (trim), your current location (Chicago, IL), and an appointment time that works best for you. When selecting your appointment time, you can choose any time or date, however, we suggest choosing one that is closest to the current time and date if you want our search engine to display results of only those businesses that are open now.