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Do you want to color your hair in a way that looks very natural and beautiful? Are you tired of dying your hair and then having your roots show a few weeks later? Then you need to use Booksy to find a hair salon offering balayage. What is balayage? Well, it's a technique for dying hair that recreates natural-looking highlights. It's a hand-painted technique that takes a skilled hairdresser to do correctly. With a balayage, you'll achieve a natural look that adds highlights to the ends of your hair. This look is in very high demand right now, so you need to use Booksy to find the best providers near you!

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What is Balayage?

It comes from a French term that means to sweep or paint. A balayage is a hair-dying technique where the stylist dyes the hair free-hand. They will add highlights on the ends of your hair for a very natural look. Remember when you had natural highlights as a kid? Balayage can recreate that! Make sure you use Booksy to find the best providers of balayage in your area. You can check out a ton of candid user reviews to make things easier. 

What to Expect During Balayage?

During your balayage, your hairdresser will dye your hair by hand. This allows them to achieve a very natural and artistic look with your hair. The appointment will take a while, so make sure you have allotted enough time in your schedule. It will take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to complete. You can use Booksy to find hair salons that offer balayage in your area. Also, pay attention to the user reviews to ensure the hair salon excels in applying balayage. 

How to Get the Best Balayage?

Booksy is your #1 tool for finding the best balayage providers in your area. We provide the highest-rated results at the top of the page for your convenience. You can tell it's a top-rated result if it says 'Booksy recommends' on the picture of the hair salon. Please make sure you pay attention to our user reviews, as they often mention hairstylists by name. If you know a hairstylist that gets all the compliments, make a request for them during your appointment through Booksy!

How Often Does the Balayage Need to be Touched Up?

A balayage will last for a very long time. The general rule of thumb is to schedule a touch-up every 12 - 14 weeks. Root growth won't be as drastic as with traditional dye techniques. Thanks to the natural look of the balayage, it can last much longer than other dye jobs. If you're looking for a touch-up, Booksy is the easiest way to schedule an appointment. Touch-ups can also be more affordable than a full application, so make sure that you compare prices! 

How Do I Make an Appointment for a Balayage?

With Booksy, you can make an appointment in seconds. Once you find the provider that suits your needs and budget level, you can view their available times. Make sure to select an appointment time that works for you. From there, you can specify a specific hairdresser to perform your balayage if you know one. Don't forget to check out our user reviews before selecting a location. Some reviews will mention hairdressers by name, so pay special attention to those. 

How Much Does a Balayage Cost?

A balayage tends to be an expensive hair dye treatment. Of course, it all depends on the provider. Partial balayage services start at $70 and up. A full-head balayage can run anywhere from $150 - $300. With Booksy, you can compare all the prices of your local providers to find the most affordable one. Price isn't everything though, also make sure that you check their reviews to make sure they can apply a balayage that looks natural and beautiful.