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Wishing for longer and thicker tresses? Or maybe you have the desire to change up your hairstyle altogether? Forget hair growth serums and the idea of wreaking havoc on your locks through chemical treatments—instead, you can schedule an appointment for a weave, which will allow you to easily switch up your look or simply add some major volume to your hair. But where to begin a search for a great provider that offers weaves in Orlando? Just download the Booksy mobile application or access Booksy from your favorite web browser at booksy.com. Starting a search with the Booksy search engine bar will help you discover thousands of options of beauty and wellness-based services in your local area. And not only that, but with Booksy you’ll be able to conveniently schedule appointments online to the services and treatments of your choice! What is a weave and how is it done? Let’s start out with what exactly a weave is. Weaves or sew-in extensions are hair extension pieces that are meant to be “woven” into the hair using a needle and thread—and though they’ve gained some major traction over the last few decades in terms of popularity, weaves have been around longer than you might think with the first ones being seen in Egypt around 3400 BC. The beauty of weaves is that they’re extremely versatile. Not only do you have the option of choosing any texture, color, and length of weave from the endless number of options, but you can also decide whether you’re going for a partial or full weave. Partial weaves are an ideal option if you want to bank on extra length or a thicker look overall. This type of weave is only installed in certain sections of your hair. On the other hand, you could go for a full weave, which is what you should choose if you’d like to go for a completely different look than that of your natural hair or you’re looking for a protective hairstyle option. In either case, the installation process for a weave will look similar whether getting a partial or full weave. When you arrive at the salon for your weave installation, your stylist will first wash, condition, and dry your hair so that they have a clean base to work with. Once your hair is fully dried, your stylist will braid your hair back into a cornrow style if you’re going for a full weave, or they’ll just braid certain sections of your scalp for a partial weave installation. Then, using a needle and thread, the hair extension pieces will be integrated into the braids via sewing. This step will be continuously repeated until your hairstylist has fully incorporated all the weave into the hair. After the weave has been installed, your hair professional can style your hair accordingly, giving it a trim or adding some product to set it to your desired look.  How do I choose the best service for weaves in Orlando?  On Booksy, you can find the best services in your area including weaves (and so much more)! Get started by completing the empty fields within the Booksy search bar to begin your hunt for weaves in Orlando. When your results have been generated, feel free to scroll through your options and click on ones that seem of interest to you. Under each listing, you’ll find reviews left by Booksy users like you, which can help you make the best choice. If you’d like a tip for quickly discovering the top options, just use the “Sort by” filter and select “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How much does a weave cost? Weaves can cost anywhere from $100 to $600 on average, depending on where you’re located, who your stylist is, and how long it takes to install your weave. As you’re searching on Booksy, you can view the exact costs for weaves in your local area, which are listed next to each treatment name. Weave near me Local is now closer than ever before—check out the closest listings to you via the Booksy app or on booksy.com! With our easy-to-use search engine, you can find plenty of options for weaves in Orlando. Just make sure to include search information like what it is that you’re looking for (weave), where you’re located (Orlando, Florida), and a suitable time frame that works with your schedule. As you’re browsing, be sure to keep our filters in mind to further your search like “Map View'' and “Filters and Localization”.