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Everlasting Loyalty Production
Golden rock, Orlando, 32818

Everlasting Loyalty Production

Golden rock, Orlando, 32818


  • Hairstyles

    32 services
    • Bohemian locs medium mid back

    • Lemonade braids

    • Tribal braids medium to butt two layers

    • Knotless plaits large to butt

    • Knotless medium to butt

    • Knotless medium mid back

    • Knotless braids large mid back

    • Quick weaves

    • Tribal braids to waist small two layers

    • Tribal braids small mid back two layers

    • Tribal braids mid back two layers medium

    • 4-5 feedin braids

    • Bohemian locs small mid back

    • Pinch plaits

    • Small plaits mid back pinky size

    • Medium box plaits mid back

    • Large box plaits mid back

    • Bohemian locs large mid back

    • Faux locs medium mid back

    • Faux locs small mid back

    • Touch ups

    • Cut service time in half extra

    • Hair take down

    • Bob plaits extra small

    • Bob plaits small pinky size

    • Bob plaits medium

    • Sew in closure

    • Sew in with closure

    • Sew in with leave out

    • Kids braiding styles 12 and under

    • Extended ponytail

    • Faux locs large mid back

  • Custom items

    19 services
    • Kids custom shirts

    • Kids custom shirt with glitter

    • Kids custom front and back

    • Kids custom front back with glitter

    • Custom adult shirts just front

    • Custom shirt something on front and back

    • Adult shirt custom with glitter front only

    • Custom shirt front and back w/glitter

    • Rip shirt single shirt

    • Rip shirt 10 or more shirts $15 a shirt

    • Tutu outfit 6months-12 months

    • Tutu outfit 2t to 5t

    • Tutu outfit small and up

    • Custom drinking glasses

    • Invitations digital

    • Invitations parties, graduation, weddings

    • Custom quote shirts

    • Logos on shirt business

    • Tutu only

  • Dj services

    3 services
    • Weddings including reception

    • Extra hour

    • Parties 4 hours

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