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Changing up your hairstyle every so often can be an exciting process, but between dye jobs and using hot tools, these things can wreak havoc on your natural hair—which is why so many people choose to go with a lace front wig instead, to keep their natural hair intact yet still be able to sport their desired look. Thankfully, you’ll have no issue with finding services for lace front wigs in Orlando, FL when you’re using Booksy. Our platform is much more than just a space for locating your favorite beauty, health, and wellness services. It’s also a place to read client opinions and book appointments on-the-go and is filled with helpful features to make your booking process hassle-free! What are lace front wigs and how do they work? Let’s begin by defining what exactly a lace front wig is and how it differs from a standard wig. Lace front wigs are essentially wigs that include a sheer piece of lace at the front of the hairline. This section of lace is a crucial component to this style of hairpiece, as it allows the wig itself to blend seamlessly with the hairline, resulting in a very natural look. The piece of lace or mesh present is nearly invisible, so when worn correctly, a lace front wig will give the illusion of hairs growing directly from your scalp. Lace front wigs can be made from either human or synthetic hair, and come in nearly any kind of cut, color, texture, length, or style imaginable. Although choosing between human or synthetic hair is entirely a personal preference, many people tend to favor human hair wigs as they can be dyed and styled with hot tools, the same way natural hair can. There are many benefits to choosing a lace front wig apart from having a versatile hairpiece that you can change up anytime you want. For instance, lace front wigs are a great method of making the hair look fuller and more voluminous, which is ideal for people with a thinning hairline or scalp. They also eliminate potential damage to the hair, which is quite common with other hair pieces that tend to pull on the natural hair such as sew-in extensions. This type of wig, with the proper maintenance and care regimen, can even last up to an entire year of wear. How do I choose the best service for lace front wigs in Orlando? You’ll notice that Orlando, FL is home to many salons, beauty parlors, and businesses that offer services regarding lace front wigs, so at times, your options may seem overwhelming—but Booksy can help you simplify your hunt for the best service and save you both time and effort. To begin, you can start a search using the Booksy search engine bar and complete the fields with your information. When you’ve done that and your results have appeared below, all it takes is clicking the “Sort by” button. You can then choose to either sort your listings by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”, both of which will show you some of the top picks! How do I find businesses that offer lace front wig services open now? Are you looking for a salon or business open right now? Great, we’ll show you how to find them on Booksy! There are two ways of doing so, and they both start with conducting a search using Booksy’s search engine. You’ll want to fill in the required criteria in the search fields including what specific service you’re looking for (lace front wigs), where you are currently located (Orlando, FL), and a preferred time and date for your appointment (select the time and date closest to the current one). Of course, you can select any time and date that works best for you, but by selecting the one nearest the current local time and date, our search engine will generate results of businesses that are open now—that’s the first way of locating currently open businesses. The second way entails going through Booksy businesses that appeal to you and checking their hours of operation. For this method, you can choose any appointment timeframe, and click on a Booksy business that piques your interest to view their business hours.