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Our modern lifestyle, though comfortable, has been putting a big strain on our bodies and especially our backs. Sitting in a strange position for hours in front of the computer, lack of proper exercise, these things have been taking a toll on our back muscles and nerves. Moreover, what many people are unaware of is how intertwined are all the nerves in our body and how back problems affect the rest of our health. So to keep yourself in better shape you can consider getting a back massage every once in a while. You will soon start seeing overall benefits to your health after just a few sessions. Now, you can easily book an appointment for a back massage right here, at Booksy!
Back massage near you

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My session with Woah was amazing all around! By far the best massage I’ve ever had. She was extremely professional and very sweet all at once. Thank you for sharing your gift with me, I will be back s...

Alfredo J… 29/07/2022

Woah's Massage

4100 Long Beach Blvd., 90807 Long Beach

I’m so thankful that I met Angelique when I did. I was having pain from the birth of my daughter that I couldn’t seem to get rid of and now she’s massaging me through my second pregnancy and just beca...

Niki G… 16/07/2022

Knot So Nice Massage Therapy

545 Woodlawn Ave, 91910 Chula Vista

What is a back massage?

What is a back massage?

As the name suggests, a back massage involves kneading or manipulating muscles and soft-tissues to relieve tension and restore proper blood flow to any part of a person’s back. Even though a massage therapist will only work with your back, you can expect benefits that you’ll feel in the rest of your body. These benefits include relieving pain and tension, increasing blood circulation, improving range and motion, relieving headaches, and improving sleep quality.  How do you prepare for a back massage treatment? Although you can come into a massage parlor pretty much when you feel like it, there are a few ways you can further improve the experience. Maintain proper hydration during the day leading to the massage and eat lightly, that day. Remember to put some food in your stomach so as to not come in with a growling belly. Take a fast shower as to keep good hygiene. Opt for comfortable clothing that will not affect your movement. Finally, arrive in advance to prepare yourself for the session.  What to expect from a back massage parlor? Once you arrive, a massage therapist will interview you to check for any potential contraindications to performing the service. This is also a good time to ask questions if you have any. The therapist will leave you in the room allowing you to remove clothes from your upper body and lie down on the massage table. They will ask you if they can come back in and then start performing the massage. If you have any questions or doubts during the session feel free to ask, however try to simply relax as much as you can.  How much does a back massage cost? Of course, there is no one price tag when it comes to health and beauty services. The final cost will vary depending on the state and the location you choose. Other factors that will affect the price are the experience of the massage therapist, their training, and whether any special cosmetics are used during the session. Typically, you can expect a price of something between $30 and $50 for an hour-long massage therapy session.  How do I make an appointment for a back massage treatment? With Booksy, you can easily book an appointment for various beauty and health services, including back massage therapy, without the necessity of calling or texting. All you’ll need to do is go to the Booksy website or open the Booksy app. This will allow you to view service providers in your area and schedule appointments online. Simply find a massage therapist and time slot that’s most convenient for you! How to find the best back massage parlor near you? Again, this is where Booksy will come in handy! Not only can you find back pain massage nearby, you can check for spots closest to you. This can be done by opening the “Map View” feature on the results page. You’ll see a map of your location and places offering back massage near you. To further make sure you’re choosing the best parlor, browse through feedback left by previous clients. With Booksy you can find the best massage therapists out there!