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  • Steam Lounge & Spa

    548 Schenck Avenue, Brooklyn, 11207

    Post Surgical Manual Massages

    Varies based on Clients tolerance. Lite LMD is done for 7 Weeks, where drainage massages and healing of the bo...dy is done through manual massages with Led Light and Sauna Therapy. On the 8 Week Client is then introduced to use of Ultrasound, cavitation, wood therapy and continued manual massages to shape and mold the body. I also provided natural teas and juices for healing and cleansing of the body. 12 Sessions 1,000.00
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    $25 Deposit Req'd to book: CashApp $SteamLoungeSpa

    This deposit is subtracted from your service, however if there is a cancellation / no show the deposit is non... refundable.
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    Sauna Therapy, Bodyscrub, Massage Ex Facial

    This special comes with complimentary wine or tea
  • Glow With So Day Spa

    1012 Fulton St, Glow With So Day Spa, Brooklyn, 11238

    Body Lymphatic Massage

    Includes a seaweed body wrap This is a 2 hour contouring procedure.. Reduces inflammation and detoxes the body.... The lymph system keeps your body clean and healthy while fighting off infection by flushing out toxins and carrying oxygen to your cells. This type of massage promotes optimal lymphatic flow and drainage, using gentle pressure and long, even strokes all over the body. As well as keeping your immune system strong, lymphatic massage can help reduce bloating speed weight loss by fighting water retention and bloating.
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    Royalty Deluxe Spa Package


    EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

    EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Any Area 1 session EMS treatments use electricity to stimulate muscle and break down fat cells, especially surface fat like cellulite, which forms in irregular deposits beneath the skin. If undergone on a regular or weekly basis, workouts with EMS will improve circulation, tone muscles and drain these stubborn cells. EMS is excellent for reducing stored fat and cellulite around the hips, waist and buttocks - together with its circulation-boosting and toning capabilities, this treatment can deliver a smoother and more shapely skin and overall figure.
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